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“How to Become 100% Effective in 10 Minutes”

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The first five minutes: Read this info carefully — everything you need to know is built into these words — and in between the spaces of them as well.  Learn to pay attention to what you’re doing — no distractions, no errant thoughts — only pay attention to the task at hand by noticing your own presence and being.  Notice your fingers on the mouse or the keys, notice the wiggling of your toes while you read, notice where you are here and now.  This is the most important step.

The second five minutes: You will have a simple exercise to complete which will give you clarity about how to be more effective in any situation.  You will start to get things done, in fact, you will have something done — the first step — which is always the most important one.

Being more effective means being at peace with where you are right now.  You’re not Bill Gates or David Geffen or Jewel yet.  I’m sure you have a celebrity in mind whom you admire and wish to emulate — mine is George Clooney.  Now I ask you to let go of your fantasy of where you wish to be, and come into the now, come into where you are and who you are by letting go of all ambition in this moment.  You’ve got to let the quiet peace of Happiness come into your field of attention in order to be effective.  Of yourself, you can do nothing.  There is no such thing as a self-made person.  We all help each other and we are all reliant on the unknown, to bring to us what we need.  You cannot know all the ins and outs of everything related to your goals, so you should stop trying to know if you’re doing the right thing or if you are going in the right direction.  That’s principle number one: Be here now, and be at peace: relax. This is the most important step.

To relax means to have a timeless quality to the doing.  Just as the point of listening to music is not to get to the end of the song but to enjoy the melody, all of life’s routine and important tasks must take on the quality of music in order to be truly effective.  Trust this as being the cornerstone of a happy life: peaceful enjoyment of the journey.

As you feel peace to any extent, that is the extent to which you are happy.  Happiness is the only method of effectiveness.  Happiness can solve all of your problems and creates all of the solutions — with your participation.  Think of happiness as an opt-in list: if you think you know what is going to be in the email, you are not going to sign-up for the newsletter; but if you are curious, if you want to know the information, you sign up.  Happiness is beyond your knowing.  Happiness is beyond your mind, and is a feeling of deep peace which is unmistakable.  Once you notice that happiness is not attached to circumstances of your life, you will be able to feel it at any time.  Choose to know nothing, and let the unknown direct you on a course of action that will truly heal the world.  For in the healing of the world outside of you, comes the healing of yourself and the completion of your goals and dreams.  Only from not knowing what to do, and asking the unknown what is the best course of action to truly heal the world can you take the proper steps.

PART II:  Now, I will guide you through a five-minute exercise that will cause you to become immediately more effective, based on your allowing of the first two principles, you must:

1.  Be here now, be at peace: relax.

2.  Know nothing, and let the unknown direct you on a course of action that will truly heal the world.

I want you to be physically comfortable while reading this, and I want you to have a pad of paper handy, in case an inspiration pops in that you don’t want to forget, although later on, you will be comfortable with total and perfect recall of happiness’s memory — whenever you visit the realm of perfect happiness, it’s like checking your computer’s hard disk, everything is there as you left it.

Step 1.  Right now say to yourself, in your head: “I am here now, I am at peace.  I am relaxed.”  Now, close your eyes for thirty seconds right now before you read on, and count ten breaths in and out of your body.

Step 2.  Now that your eyes are open again, you should be more relaxed than you were.  If you still feel agitated, repeat the above step until you feel more relaxed.  Now, I want you to call to mind your biggest most pressing issue in life or business, the thing that is unresolved that you want resolved or finished.  This could be a relationship, a career project, a item you want to sell or purchase, or a feeling that you want.  Whatever it is, call it to mind and just look at it with your eyes closed for thirty seconds while you simultaneously count ten breaths.  Do it now.

Step 3.  Good, excellent job.  Now, you have let your problem into the space of unknown.  You have acknowledged that you do not know what to do.  Now ask the question to the unknown: “What should I do or what steps should I take right now to resolve this issue?”  Close your eyes again, pay attention to the breath, and just wait until you get a clear answer.  Don’t open your eyes until you do.  Do it now.

Step 4.  You should have a clear plan or at least a single step which seems doable, reasonable, and appropriate because you feel peaceful about it.  That is the test: you should feel confident and happy that this is the right step.  Write it down if you need to, otherwise, go ahead and repeat the 4 step process for any new issues that come up!  You will be 100% more effective.



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