Overcoming “Stranger Danger”

handshakeI’m back to page again.  I have read a great book, “Start with Why?” by Simon Sinek, and I was inspired to write you all to reiterate why I am so obsessed with inspiring love, oneness, peace and joy throughout my daily life and my Hollywood career.  

It All Started With “Stranger Danger”

I may have told you the story of how I saw a homeless man in downtown Chicago when I was seven.  His suffering was palpable.  I asked the older male role model I was with why he had no money.  He said something to the effect of, “there’s not enough money to go around.”  Essentially what my role model was saying was that somebody’s got to get the short end of the stick in life.  That day I was transported outside of my little suburban, sheltered body and into the body of that homeless guy, and I could truly experience myself as him.  I don’t know how I did it, I don’t know why, but I realized then and there that this man had the right to everything I had a right to, and that there was enough in this universe for him to enjoy life without infringing on my joy.  I just knew it.  I sort of shrugged my shoulders at my role model’s answer and said nothing of my insight, because my role model was a man of service, an honest man, and a good person — why would I question him?  I just assumed I didn’t know the whole story and that he obviously knew something I didn’t know.

Fast forward 25 years.  I’m 32 and I still don’t know this something about the world supposedly being limited.  I have searched high and low, read books, talked to the brightest minds and best authors in the world, and still, no one has ever told me WHY it is that we can walk past those in need and just shake our heads.

Our brightest minds are often going into finance to “get theirs” and say, “I’ll donate to some charities to alleviate my guilt.”  But those of us in the rat race of business, success and money-making have a dirty little secret: WE ARE NOT HAPPY.  The life we thought would bring us joy is a desensitizing albatross around our necks that gradually deadens the joy and wonder that we all possessed as seven year-olds.

So that’s where I come in:  I’m here to remind you that life can be FUN!  And to let you in on the biggest secret of all — helping other is so FUN!  Playing pretend on stage and screen is what I do as an actor.  And it is fun, and it also has the ability to teach you enlightened thinking about our world.  And so that is why I do it: I am here to inspire love in the most able-bodied and capable human beings on earth.  You young, strong, powerful, wealthy and influential people are the ones I want to inspire.  It is time that we stopped letting the universe stop at our picket fence, and time we started getting to know our neighbors.

So I’ve got a challenge for you today, tonight, this morning, whenever, but do it NOW:  reach out to a stranger and offer your gift or talent to them free of charge.  It doesn’t have to be big, but just an offering.  If you are a carpenter, make a table for someone you do not know.  I leave it to you how to find this stranger.  I leave it to you to decide what your gift is.  The biggest problem we face now is STRANGERS.  Believing that we cannot trust the unknown.  Because if you think about it, EVERYTHING IS UNKNOWN.  How many people have known someone for years but still dont’ really know them?  I’m telling you, the method to mend our madness is to keep giving gifts to one another.

I want you to use your intuition to decide what to do to accomplish this task.  If you need help contacting your intuition, here is a helpful link.

Once it’s done, let’s hear your stories on the comment section of this page.

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