Vision for a New Entertainment Industry

As I work on my first autocorso performance here at the Accademia dell’Arte in Arezzo, Italy, I am reminded of my vision, of why I have undertaken this journey across the globe to learn and devise new theatrical work:  because the power of film and theatre to inspire love is so great that it can — and has — changed the world countless times over.

I am reminded of this by the great Greek comedy Lysistrata, where the women of the Balkans end a war by refusing to sleep with their husbands, but the chastity is a lot more difficult to than the ladies originally envision.  This dramatic work led to real societal progress about 2000 years ago, so surely there is hope for us.  There is inspiration within all of our us entertainment professionals, and we’ve got to take the reigns and start taking responsibility for the world with what we create.

Sure, we can give the audience what they want, but like Steve Jobs said about new inventions, the customer doesn’t necessarily know what she wants until we present it to her.  It is for us creators to dive deep into our souls and come out with the divined creations for our viewers.

My challenge is to all who call themselves entertainers to first envision the world you wish to create and then devise a piece that will bring us even one centimeter closer to that better world.  If the multi-millions of us out there in the world doing this work move the dial even a centimeter, that’s quite a few miles of progress.


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