The Golden Secret Charlie Chaplin and Shakespeare Knew (And Occasionally Forgot)

1425515_3d_love_puzzleThroughout entertainment history, there always seems to have been a person or group with the “magic” touch for a time, who just has hit after hit. Good examples would be: Chaplin, Monty Python, and Shakespeare. Is it a coincidence that all three of those are British? More on that later. But there are also some Americans:  Marilyn Monroe, Woody Allen, Jim Carrey, Spielberg. And I want to also point out Jackie Chan as having had a streak of some significance. So what is the secret that all of these talents knew (that most of them forgot when they started creating stinkers, or alternatively getting depressed)?

Everyone that follows Hollywood Happiness knows that our mission here is to create and promote content that empowers people to live happier lives. Now, the reason why we don’t have much entertainment that does that right now is because people in Hollywood typically don’t care much about the message as long as the film appears that it will sell. Also, 2 years before a movie gets to the theatres, there is a middle man who is just good at selling Hollywood on funding his movies, that he secretly know won’t be a hit, but he don’t care because once the check is written for production, he gets his cut and is on to the next victim.  Or, alternatively, you’ve got people like Rick Santorum (who is now producing movies in Dallas) who are pushing films that are heavy on message, but also heavy on conservative morals (which lead to guilt-trips which do NOT cause happiness).

There is a middle ground here, and throughout history, almost no one would disagree that laughter and emotional catharsis creates happiness. However, certain types of comedy grant laughter followed by a feeling of remorse. A lot of standup comedy falls under that “remorse comedy”. It feels good when you are watching but by the end of your second drink, you feel like a huge “A-hole” for laughing at all those racist jokes.

But we’ve all experienced that transcendent emotional experience like that in The Kid by Chaplin, or Schindler’s List, or Liar, Liar.  There are some project that just seem inspired and inspiring even though they are not “inspirational” movies.  How were these films made and how can we have more of them?

I believe the issues lies within our greatest talents’ abilities to listen to one of two voices.  I believe that there are two voices within us, and only one of them creates lasting hits.  The first one is the “Inner Politician”: the voice telling us what will sell, what will make us look good, what is sure to get back at those people, what will let out my bitterness and rage, etc.  I’m writing today, however, to talk to you about the other voice, an entertainment secret that is as old as the Dionysian rites that got the Greeks up onstage. That secret is to tap into a unique well of goodness within which I call “the Inner Lover”.

The Inner Lover is uniquely different from a worldly lover. The Inner Lover is never bitter when rejected, is never phased when ignored, and always says the right thing. It is when these geniuses listened to their Inner Lover that they found the greatest success on the outside as well. The good news is that everyone reading these words can access his/her Inner Lover anytime, anywhere, and I’ll even tell you exactly how to do it.

I recently enjoyed listening to an audio biography of Charlie Chaplin that went in depth about each film he created.  For a string of about 20 years, almost everything he made was profitable and impactful. But as the man grew more bitter at past wounds, in part from unresolved issues in childhood, he began to lose this magic touch. I attribute this loss of success to his rejection of his Inner Lover in favor of his Inner Politician.  It even came to pass that Chaplin got into politics so far that he was exiled from the U.S. in the 50s.

Do you ever wonder why rock bands rarely churn out any hit music after about the age of 50? Because they aren’t listening to the right voice anymore. The Inner Lover is here to guide us, but we must listen and LET it guide us because our minds are powerful.

So I bet you want to know how you can access your Inner Lover and start creating hit after hit!  That will come in my next post…stay tuned.

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