Synergy TV is a revolutionary Free Video On Demand channel and media-rich website that offer top-quality entertainment and edutainment which is inspiring, uplifting, and conscious in nature.  We recognize the need and meet the demand for more positive television filled with love, wisdom, and spirit.  Synergy TV offers movies and television shows across genres including drama, comedy, romance, sports, animation, and documentary.  An abundance of healthy, green, and conscious living content is also aggregated to meet multiple common interests.

Synergy TV’s mission is to entertain, enlighten, and inspire our audience with high-quality programming available anytime, anywhere, and to anyone that desires to live a more fulfilling, healthy, and inspired life.  Synergy TV empowers audiences to think positively, choose consciously, and create wellness in their lives.  We are a cutting edge entertainment brand committed to being evolutionary leaders focused on raising the consciousness of humanity through heartwarming stories.  Through Synergy TV, we create a movement that is greater than the sum of any of its parts.