Moving this Operation to The Old Country…

Tuscany Farm

Exciting news, everyone: I have been accepted to the Accademia dell’Arte‘s one of a kind MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) Program in Physical Theatre. ¬†The school is located in Tuscany, Italy — so that mean’s Hollywood Happiness is relocating to the country that brought us such classics as Life is Beautiful and La Strada.

I will mainly be focusing on acting, however, I’ve already been in touch with some Italian filmmakers to help me document my transition from Hollywood actor / scribe to European acrobat and commedia performer! ¬†We’ll be keeping you posted on all the exciting happenings in that part of the world.

Chris Gray will be our contact person in the Los Angeles area for your production needs, and I encourage you all to support the enlightening content being created in our collaboration with Synergy TV Network.

Remember to follow your bliss, set a standard for yourself that you hold yourself to, and be love.


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