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130 million “cultural creatives” worldwide demand uplifting but highly entertaining film and TV choices: we create shows that inspire love. 

Business Summary: Hollywood Happiness Films creates movies that bridge the gap between spiritually enlightening education and blockbuster, award-winning entertainment. There are millions of TV and film viewers out there in the world who, just as they buy “green” and “organic” products, want entertainment products that are wholesome, clean fun, with powerful messages of oneness and peace.

Target market: Our target market for this first film, A Rockstar Christmas Carol is 10-17 year olds, skewing slightly more towards males. This demographic in the U.S. and Canada looks to be about 7 million frequent moviegoers, with about 32 million total in the age demographic. The film should also interest moviegoers internationally, especially in EU Member States, with the age group there adding another 20 million potential viewers.

Sales/Marketing strategy: We plan to sell the first film to a major studio distributor and cable network. Through that successful, profitable release of the first film, we will create a community around the film online, and be sure to keep offering fresh product for our consumers, eventually bridging out to older demographics and varying genres. In the pipeline we have a political thriller, a coming of age sports story, a screwball comedy, a period adventure, a heist, a road movie, and a sci-fi thriller.

Business model: We create compelling products that are low-cost to produce, at high broadcast quality, with a wide appeal. Once we have created a few visible successes, we will then begin to market our services to other producers who would like to imitate our success. Our revenue streams come from theatrical sales, cable television, Video-On-Demand, non-theatrical such as airlines, and ancillary content such as soundtrack sales.

Competitors: We face competition from the six major studios: Disney, WB, Sony, Universal, Fox, and Paramount and the 125 or so production companies who have “first-look” deals with the studios, especially those who are designated as “faith-based” programming or family fare.

Competitive advantage: We believe we are uniquely placed as a “love-inspiring” production company — we’re not specifically faith-based, yet we provide an uplifting product. The projects we create will have been audience-tested with table reads in order to gauge the reactions of various audiences. We have the unique ability to create low-cost productions as we use only talent who believe in the artistic and love-inspiring value of the product (co-workers who are not purely motivated to work with us for financial reasons), therefore ridding us of gaudy salaries, which are the major overage cost in Hollywood, and giving us a high-quality product at a fraction of the studios’ price.

Contemplated Exit for Angel Investors: Angels will take net profits from each individual film project venture.

At What Point Does The Company Become Viable and Saleable: After about 10 successful films, we will have reached gross revenue in the hundreds of millions, therefore making us very attractive to be acquired by a major. Time to 10 successes: 7 years.

What Our Current Funding Request Will Allow Us to Accomplish: This will allow us to complete a slate of films and market them to distributors.

Planned Use of Funds: The funds pay the cast/crew, rent equipment and locations, edit a final product, and get the product in front of the distributors.

Relevant Experience & Skills of Other Managers & Employees: Patrick Reynolds — a lawyer and producer who has worked with several major networks; Kate Neligan — former VP of VOD for Lionsgate, is now the principal of Synergy TV Network, is likely to be distributing many of our films.

Founder/CEO Relevant Experience & Skills: Sean Mulvihill doesn’t claim to be “awakened”, but his relentless study of wisdom literature from around the world. combined with love for people and his infectious enthusiasm make him an asset to any project or company. He holds a BFA in Theatre from USC, and is a member of the Actors Equity Association. He also has produced over 50 television episodes and films as well as several theatre productions.  His most high profile work to date is the feature documentary he created called Living Luminaries: On the Serious Business of Happiness, which stars Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Michael Beckwith, and Don Miguel Ruiz.

How & Why Our Product or Service is Superior to the Competition: Our new product, A Rockstar Christmas Carol, will rise to the top because of its infectious soundtrack, lovable, wild characters; and a story that truly lifts the audience up.  The project is a very fresh take on a classic tale.

Primary Competitors: Our primary competitors for this first project are the other purveyors of Christmas films geared towards families.

Other Competitive Advantages: A Rockstar Christmas Carol has the successes of “Glee”, “High School Musical”, and “Smash” to draw upon. We also see a great deal of fan loyalty for our cause: promoting positive films that aren’t associated with a particular religion.

Patents Granted or Pending: No patents required; however our scripts are copyrighted and registered with the Writers Guild of America.

Current Estimated Share of Your Niche Market: Based on sales of our previous film, “Living Luminaries”, and two similar films: “What the Bleep” and “Thrive”: we estimate that we can successfully interest 10% of our key demographically by solely promoting the films on the internet. If we advertise on the TV and in print, market penetration numbers will increase substantially.

The Niche Market We Serve: The niche market is called “cultural creatives”. Paul Ray describes cultural creatives as “…educated, leading-edge thinkers. This group includes many writers, artists, musicians, psychotherapists, feminists, alternative health care providers and other professionals. They combine a serious focus on their spirituality with a strong passion for social activism.”

Trends in Our Industry: The major trends shifts right now are: 1. Tentpoles — studios are shying away from smaller films in favor of huge blockbusters based on books or board games. 2. VOD — people are streaming more video than they are buying DVDs. 3. Digital cinema — all cinemas worldwide are being forced into digital projectors at high cost to them, which will inevitably close down some cinemas who can’t afford to make the switch.

Industry and Industry Niche: We are in the film industry, our niche is “love-inspiring” film. We take the elements of a blockbuster film: high excitement, a love story, and villains, and create a project that inspires the viewer to be more loving towards those in his/her life.

Description of Product: A Rockstar Christmas Carol is our first feature film. It’s a musical comedy loosely based on the Charles Dicken’s holiday classic. In the film, the ghosts of Rob Marley and Justina Clarkson motivate a would-be rockstar to try out for the talent search show “American Rockstar”, from which he was rejected 10 years earlier. Our aging hero must face the judges who humiliated him and compete against younger, sexier groups.

Company Background: In 2010, Hollywood Happiness Studios founder, writer-director-actor Sean A. Mulvihill, was fed up with the heartless customs of the mainstream entertainment industry, and decided that a new studio must be formed whose mission is simply to create love-inspiring, high-quality entertainment in a harmonious way. His first film, Living Luminaries, starred Eckhart Tolle and attempted to solve the riddle of finding lasting happiness on earth.

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