Hollywood Happiness Studios creates film, TV, and theatre productions that bridge the gap between spiritually enlightening education and blockbuster, award-winning entertainment.

OUR  MISSION IS TO CREATE award-worthy, high-profile, blockbuster shows that extend powerful spiritual messages that empower people—regardless of belief systems—to have greater peace and joy in their lives by recognizing and living the strength inside of them.


“We are the music-makers, we are the dreamers of dreams…”

–Arthur William Edgar O’Shaughnessy

We at Hollywood Happiness Studios are artists who put forth and live the message that we are one being, and miracles are a natural way of living.  We believe that life is eternal, that bodies cannot contain us in any way, and that our reality is all-powerful and unassailable.  We live with deep compassion and love for all people and the Universe, even when that love compels us to act forcefully.  We desire the permanent over the temporal, and we are certain that a peaceful world is the outcome of our listening to our inner compass and following its directions.

 We are multi-talented individuals, who take care and attention to detail into every brushstroke of every project.  We are quick, nimble and decisive, using everything that we are, especially compassion and inner wisdom, to bring about the re-birth of the world to something perfect and serene.  We know that only a change in our vision is required to bring this about: we must focus our inner sight on the true essence behind the illusion of form, and fashion form to reveal the message of the truth it conceals.

Our projects are funny, visionary, and unique, creating a vibrant brand of entertainment that is at once always surprising, yet unmistakably brilliant.  Our projects break unnecessary boundaries, transcend genre, and re-invent traditions in order to stimulate and motivate the minds of viewers to discover the peace and wisdom that they already possess.

If you’d like to know more, and unlock a new world of enlightening content:  please send us an email about yourself.

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