5 Ways to Access Your Inner Lover

(This is a re-release of a classic from 2013)

The Inner Lover is your key to good relationships, abundance, success, and health. Want to access it? Here are five quick ways to get in touch with yours:

1. Meditate. Spend a significant amount of time each day clearing your mind to be a “blank slate”. You could simply count 10-100 breaths, or follow a meditation practice like TM, or simply go for a jog.

2. Consume spiritual books, music, or movies daily. This one is tricky because a lot of “spiritual” media is fraught with hidden or overt religious agendas, so look for something that speaks to your specific tastes. Just go to the self-help or spirituality section of the bookstore and let your intuition lead you to the right media for you.

3. Donate service regularly. Nothing is going to unlock your feelings of self-worth like donating time and talent to those who need it but can’t pay for it.

4. Invite Feedback. Have others, whom you trust, ask you the hard question: where do you see opportunities for growth in my life? Listen to their feedback. This will keep you sane and humble.

5. Play Daily. You’ve got to cultivate the experience of joy and freedom. Nothing does this better than playing at what you enjoy. No hobby is too frivolous if it makes you feel happier at play’s end.

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